A swift resolution to landlord and tenancy disputes

Being a landlord is not always easy. And when things go wrong, the harsh reality of rent arrears, breaches of contracts and renewal disputes can take their toll on you both financially and emotionally.

With decades of experience in resolving both commercial and residential landlord and tenancy disputes, you can rely on our local team of solicitors to clearly explain your legal rights and swiftly take the appropriate action to reach a positive resolution.

We appreciate that tenancy disputes can be stressful, confusing and worrying. But you will find our personal approach to dealing with your case is refreshingly different.

  • We don’t bombard you with jargon. Instead, we talk with you and explain your legal rights, and our course of action, in plain English – expert legal advice that is sensible, effective and easy to understand.
  • You’ll also find that we are great communicators – there will always be someone available to update you on progress, or talk to you in person, should you have a question. And yes, we always return your calls on the same day

Our local team has the experience and expertise to help you resolve:

  • unlawful occupation
  • tenancy termination
  • renewal disputes
  • breach of contract
  • rent arrears
  • evictions

If you feel you need advice or help with a Landlord and Tenancy Dispute, our personal approach will support and guide you to a resolution. Just give us a ring on 01609 780101, email info@pbh-law.co.uk, or drop in to see us at Place Blair & Hatch, 240 High Street, Northallerton, DL78LU.