Resolving disputes rationally and cost-effectively

If you are in the midst of a dispute, it can leave you feeling distressed, emotionally drained and angry. And often, it can feel as though you are not being heard. If the disagreement has become acrimonious, reaching a sensible and peaceful solution with the other party might also feel impossible.

We have supported our local community through over 90 years of legal disputes, resolving everything from neighbourhood and boundary disputes to poor workmanship by tradesmen and disputes with finance companies.

Our approach is simple. We listen – we take time to understand your individual situation, talking you through your legal rights in plain English so that you can move forward with confidence. We also endeavour to spare you the cost and stress of court, instead opting to resolve your case through rational, expert negotiation that recognises the best, positive outcome for you.

We can help you to resolve any disputes, including:

  • Debt and conflicts over money
  • Faulty goods
  • Boundary/rights of way
  • Housing problems
  • Contractual disagreements
  • Neighbourhood disagreements
  • Poor workmanship by tradesmen

Fees for Debt Recovery

We confirm that our charges for acting on your behalf in connection with the recovery of debt is charged at an hourly rate of £200 per hour plus VAT at the rate of 20% will be added to our fees.

We confirm that in addition to our costs you will be required to pay a number of disbursements which are payments to third parties and will include:

1.      Court fees depending on the value of the debt

2.      Allocation fee

3.      Counsel’s fees if a Barrister is to represent you in the Court Proceedings

4.      Expert fees if an expert is required to give evidence

5.      Enforcement fees e.g. Bailiff fees

The disbursements incurred may not be immediately apparent at the first interview and may only become apparent at a later stage in the proceedings.

Our fees will include:

·        Taking your initial and continuing instructions

·        Undertaking appropriate searches

·        Sending a letter before action

·        Completing the appropriate summaries and drafting and issuing the claim if payment is not made

·        Where no acknowledgement of service or defence is received applying to Court to enter a judgement in default

·        When judgement in default is receiving writing to the other side and requesting payment

·        If payment is not received providing the client with advice as to the next stage and the likely costs

If you feel you need advice or help with a Debt and General Disputes issue, our personal approach will support and guide you to a resolution. Just give us a ring on 01609 780101, email, or drop in to see us at Place Blair & Hatch, 240 High Street, Northallerton, DL78LU.